vBSSO is a vBulletin plugin that helps you connect to different software platforms like content management systems, blogs, and online stores using a secure Single Sign-On. The system has two components. First, there’s a vBulletin plugin that creates an interface for authenticating, controlling access, and managing user profile data. The second component is plugins for other platforms (like WordPress) that teach it to talk to vBulletin and exchange data. Here’s a list of support platforms The vBSSO plugin is free and open-source under the GNU General Public License. If you would like help creating a new plugin or installing an existing one, we can provide support. Please send us a feature request to get an implementation quote.

SSO Key Features

  • Run across different sub-domains, domains, servers and ports
  • Easy setup & configuration
  • Automatically log into third party applications when you log into vBulletin
  • Automatically log out of third party applications when you log out of vBulletin

Single Sign-On

  • Log to third party applications through vBulletin
  • Log out of third party applications through vBulletin
  • Register to third party applications through vBulletin
  • Recover password to third party applications through vBulletin

Supported Platforms


  • Free, open source
  • GNU general public license, version 2
  • Reusable code


  • Encrypted data exchange via private unique shared key
  • Friends with firewalls
  • Communicates purely through API of the connected platform
  • Basic Access Authentication support

Setup & Configuration


  • Sync vBulletin avatars with third-party applications

User Groups

  • Restrict access to third-party applications using vBulletin usergroups
  • Add visitors of third-party applications to vBulletin usergroups


  • Custom vBulletin login page
  • Custom vBulletin registration page

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